Friday, November 27, 2015

Digital Dress-Up // Jerome Valeska Cosplay

I'm a sucker for a great television show, especially when it has a character (or characters) that waltzes his/her way into my heart. I've been hooked on Gotham since it premiered last year, and while I love each character for their own unique qualities, Jerome Valeska is the one that completely blew me away.


For those who aren't familiar with Jerome (and don't care about spoilers), he's the show's proto-Joker. He's an eighteen-year-old circus kid who murders his abusive mother, thus landing him a cell in Arkham Asylum. But, unfortunately, after he escapes Arkham and causes some pretty incredible chaos around Gotham, he meets an untimely end (but he's really at Indian Hill taking a heavy-duty nap-nap). But even in his supposed death, the contagiousness of his laughter spreads across Gotham.

But it spread to us as fans, too, because there's a huge demand for more Jerome within the fandom. We're all just hoping that he's recovering at Indian Hill or some other stunt, declared dead by Jim Gordon, the GCPD, and everyone else, because, one looks for a dead man!

That being said, over the last several months, I've been dipping my toes into the world of cosplay, having been interested from the sidelines for a couple of years. I've completed two costumes: Ariel (blue dress version), from The Little Mermaid, and Louise, from Bob's Burgers. I can't tell you how much fun I had putting together those two! I like to shoot for characters that I can easily replicate, using items from my own closet and/or similar pieces that I can get from modern clothing and thrift stores. I definitely save money that way!

So, needless to say, when Jerome began his maniacal laughter in the interrogation room, I immediately fell in love put him on my "to cosplay" list. But I'm putting a genderbent 1940's-style twist to the character because...why not, right? It suits my personal style and the fact that I'm not a dude like Jerome.

Plus...he should have a partner in crime, right?

Looking forward to sharing the finished product (hopefully) very soon!

Love, Amy